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CitiGo part 11: More ODB2 (extracting technical data)

Yes, I did eventually get an ODB2 dongle. 40 CHF in an electronics store that also sell car parts. My advice: If you want to know more about this car, get one of these. I am using an app called Car Scanner, but there is a wide selection of apps available for this purpose. I even found an app that will generate various sounds, based on the engine (motor) RPM.

While using the ODB2, some parameters of interest:

  • Engine RPM

  • Vehicle Speed

  • Distance traveled since codes cleared

  • Barometric pressure

  • Control Module Voltage

  • Ambient Air Temp

  • Accelerator Pedal position D (14.51% = idle 77.65-78.04% = normal full 85.1% = override max detent)

  • Current time

  • Vehicle Acceleration

  • E-Machine current actual value

  • E-Machine Moment actual value

  • Hybrid Battery temperature load indicator (relative to max rated battery temperature?)

  • Outside temperature (always 8.5C?) See ambient temperature

  • Power output hybrid battery actual value -20.66 hp to 18.1 “A” for electricity of the high voltage / hybrid battery (0.85 to 0.90 difference). 9.01hp =11.04A. 9.6hp = 11.16

  • Remaining battery charge seems accurate around 66%, and 83=83. But when car shows 100%, it’s only around 95-96%. Car probably indicates 100 when “full” to allow some recuperation

  • Battery Temperature. Seems an average of high voltage battery.

  • Electricity of the high-voltage battery (is in “A” but seems to be kW charging, or when driving, kW usage - minus means using, plus means charging/re-coup)

  • Calculated actual torque of the electric machine

  • Dc / dc Converter temperature of the power section DC link voltage ie 342.44 v around 84%

  • E-machine stator temperature

  • Temperature electrical machine

All electric cars have a low voltage system, typically 12V nominal, to be compatible with existing devices. The car needs the 12V battery to function, even to run at all. The 12V battery is being charged both while the large battery charges (charger to 12V battery), as well as when the car is on (High voltage battery to 12V battery)

CCS: 12V battery kept around 12.8-12.9v. Driving, 13.7 volt

Skoda Connect parked Position: seems you can’t track it while driving, only when parked. Is it using the GPS from the phone? Ie no phones connected -> no updated position?

I am looking forward to the next long distance trip in this car. On the next trip, having the ODB2 dongle, I can make more discoveries about how CCS charging and highway driving affects the internal temperature of the high voltage battery.

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