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New motto and updated logo

We are happy to present our new motto, "Making Solar Thermal Cool". This also means a slightly updated logo. As our diffuse light concentrating panels will supply a zero carbon source of energy for cooling, dehumidification, heating and hot water, the motto is conveying this message in a short and concise way. Cool in this context can be read as a verb or an adjective, because it is rather cool, to have something hot cool us down! Most of the system components are not new technology, but some of them are less known, especially in Hong Kong. Desiccant dehumidification, powered by the diffuse light concentrating solar thermal panels from Ciao Carbon Ltd, ensures the system is working year round, under all conditions. At night, thermal energy stored from the daytime will last until daylight breaks again. Fans, pumps, control systems and such, are using a nominal amount of electric power, but this small consumption of energy is easily covered by existing solar electric PV power and minimal battery capacity if independence of the electric grid supply is desired. What we offer is called The PleasAir Solution, which covers Ciao Carbon solar thermal panels, automated control system and all the required equipment for heating, cooling, dehumidifying and thermal storage (for indoor comfort and hot domestic water). The system is automated and adaptive to the conditions both outside and inside the building, ensuring user intervention isn't needed after the desired comfort band has been calibrated. Initially, a traditional Hong Kong village house is used for testing and proof of concept. In collaboration with local Hong Kong contractors, the system will eventually be made available for installation anywhere from apartment buildings over village house to larger buildings. You can find us on Instagram now, see @CiaoCarbon

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