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... to a good cause!

We are selfishly doing what we can to develop solutions to slash the energy used to cool, dehumidify and heat buildings, as well as providing hot domestic water and harvest rain water. Most of these are known technologies, but they should be used a lot more. Combining it all into a system that plays in concert, with advanced but automated control, they become a beautiful harmony together.

All of this research will become open source, apart from the developments we do for the DLCT (Diffuse Light Concentration Technology). This important missing link to solar power will be covered by patents, while the rest of the system will be promoted to be used by anyone - with no restrictions or licensing.

Help us to bring this project to life faster, by donating to us. Whatever amount you can spare is appreciated, whether a one-off or as a subscription. For now, we accept Paypal and Ko-Fi.

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