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Logo Updated again

I never claimed to be any good at graphics or content. Anyway, from various feedback, the logo went through yet another set of iterations, and here we are - the sun has moved down into Solar and the two Os in Cool are now snowflakes.

We hope that concludes the fiddling with the logo. It's likely that the pros will cringe at it - but at least we are showing that we are using thermal solar to keep the indoor climate cool (and dry). Of course, there is a lot more to it, but we can't have too much detail in the logo.

If you have any comments to the logo, feel free to comment. It is likely, though, that the logo will stay like this for now, so we can focus on the next important task: Explainer videos, whitepapers, budgets and such.

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I wish your company every success, I look forward to seeing more product information

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