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Ciao Carbon Limited (Hong Kong) is born

We are starting a company in Hong Kong. A small but dedicated team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. For a decade, we have created several projects using solar thermal power and energy storage solutions (Scandinavia). It's now time to set up in Hong Kong, initially with an R&D facility. We will also become an Asian distributor of a European brand of high quality building control technology (more details at a later stage)

We will be developing a new suite of renewable technology, especially suited to the humid conditions of the climate of Hong Kong. Key elements of this technology will eventually also be used in colder climates. Emphasis in Hong Kong will be on active humidity control (indoor climate) and diffuse light concentration (solar thermal power in overcast conditions).

With a combination of various known technologies, as well as some new developments, the consumption of energy for buildings are targeted. The potential for improvement is huge. The main obstacle is not technical, but rather legislative and financial. Working with the laws of Hong Kong is most often a challenge, as most legislation is based on the principle of "Everything is forbidden, except as laid out herein ...". Amongst local people, it's lovingly referred to as "cannot". Existing solutions are based on proven technology, however inefficient they might be. "Whatever others have done before, let's do that again". Innovation and improved solutions often hit brick walls, and we are hereby challenging that! The aim is to make a few demonstration projects, as proof of concept. Once it has been established and proven that there are much more efficient ways, the road will be paved for others to follow. The world wide use of energy is roughly 1/3 for cooling and heating, 1/3 for transportation and 1/3 for the remaining (lighting, production, agriculture etc). It's that first 1/3 we are focused on - cooling and heating.

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