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CitiGo part 12: Conclusion (so far)

Yes, it’s not a Tesla. But it covers our needs, and then some. And on top of that, this car is really fun to drive. The whole family loves it!

(Skoda CitiGo e iV in the parking lot at hotel Croce Biana, Poschiavo, Graubünden, Schweiz)

We have that same feeling with this car, as we had in the beginning with the Tesla: Looking for excuses to drive somewhere. Just because the car is such a pleasure to drive.

The car loves the city, the country roads and even the mountains. Long trips are possible, but highways and continued high speed charging is obviously not what this car is made for. But it’s possible, if you really want to (or need to).

For the price, I don’t think you can find more EV at the moment. The main issue will be to get a hold of one yourself - they are quite popular, and production is not keeping up at all. In fact, VW just announced in the beginning of September 2020 that they will cease production of the "VW baby triplets". Or is it only the Skoda cousin? If you buy a second hand e-UP - Mii - CitiGo e iV, be especially aware that the models up to around 2018 only come with a much smaller battery (18 kWh instead of 32 kWh from the 2019 models and onwards). The new one is nearly double. We even found a “new” e-UP at a dealer which turned out to be the old 18kWh version when we asked directly. He must have had it sat there for 2 years, still "new" in that no-one had yet bought it.

As much as I love Tesla, I must say, this is a really great set of wheels. Knowing the limitations, this car delivers as expected, and then much more.

So much so, that I had to start this blog! Later, I will post other things than about EVs. I am very much interested in optimising heating, cooling, dehumidification and much more - in buildings. You can read about my first major project, although it is in Danish. I am also a co-founder of

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