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CitiGo part 10: Interior of the CitiGo e iV

There are only seat belts for 4 persons. A bit of a shame, as there could have been three persons at the back seat. Not 3 adults, but 2 adults and 1 child would be possible. But without a center seat belt - not legal.

(My kids are testing the rear seats)

Looking at the specifications of the car, it seems that the available load is so limited that it might be the maximum weight of the car that meant it’s only legal for 4 passengers. I heard even the upcoming VW ID.3 has the same issue: if you get that car with the largest battery back - it also only seats 4 persons. Same problem, the weight.

The car could carry 4 normal sized adults, but I wouldn't recommend that for a road trip that's too long! But I can sit safely and comfortably behind the steering wheel, and still fit in at the back seat, without making any adjustments to the front seat.

There is no frunk (front trunk), like on the Tesla cars. This car has apparently been developed as an EV from scratch, but in no way as other more modern EVs are built. The engine compartment seems overly complicated, for being “just and EV”. The trunk has quite a lot of space, considering it’s such a small car. On our 2 x 1200 km road trip, we were two adults and two kids - and even with baggage, we were OK with that for a week long trip. The trunk has further two levels of “hidden floors”, below the main “floor”.

We miss those panic handles, above the doors. They are nice to hold on to, but just like on the the Tesla Model S - there just aren’t any. The air condition works OK, although there aren’t any ducting to the rear seats. Even with 35 C outside, we had enough cooling to make it comfortable for all occupants (but we let the side vents point so they sent more air towards the back).

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