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CitiGo part 3: The surprise

We didn’t really expect much. What we bought was one of the cheapest EVs we could find, and with great value for money.

They battery had just been upgraded, and the WLTP range was just over 250 km with a net capacity of around 32 kWh. We could roughly have gotten 3 of these cars for one Model 3, or about 5 of them for one Model S or X. So our expectations were clear: This is not a Tesla!

But we were blown away. We liked this car so much, I told my wife that I just had to write a review about it. I don’t really have time for this, as my ToDo lists have plenty of important things on them, fighting for my attention. But I had to.

Yes, I am quite a big fan of Tesla, and have been so ever since I found out about this brand about a decade ago. Having had a Model S for 5 years, this would be my main benchmark. We also tried a BMW i3 some years ago, which I also liked quite a bit (except the rear doors …). But I have also tried other EVs, as passenger.

I felt I had to find our more about this car, to learn its abilities and limitations. I took a lot of notes, and made various discoveries which I will share in these blog posts ... Next: CitiGo part 4: A Short Trip - 2 x 210 km

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