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Ciao Carbon - About the PleasAir Project

Ciao Carbon - About the PleasAir Project

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PleasAir - How it works

PleasAir - How it works

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Ciao Carbon Limited (HK)

PleasAir by Ciao Carbon Limited - Overview:

  • Year round indoor comfort

  • Less maintenance and repairs

  • Net carbon zero, powered by the sun summer and winter

  • Pays itself back

  • Automatic and Adaptive

  • Autonomous version will be available (off grid)

Ciao Carbon Limited is dedicated to renewable energy solutions in Hong Kong. Our main project, the PleasAir solution, is a combination of our upcoming diffuse light optimised thermal solar, desiccant dehumidification and an automated indoor climate control system.

After many years of succesful research in Scandinavia of thermal solar power - combined with space heating, interseasonal underground thermal storage, drain water heat recovery and other energy saving technologies, Ciao Carbon Ltd Hong Kong started in October 2020.

The PleasAir system offers solar (thermal) powered HVAC, initially for the hot and humid climate of Hong Kong. The Hong Kong spring and fall is most often a pleasant temperature, but many days are still quite humid. The winter is at times too cold, and without space heating in most buildings in Hong Kong, it gets too cold at times even in Hong Kong.

The PleasAir solution by Ciao Carbon Ltd is automatic and adaptive to ambient conditions. It provides a year round comfortable indoor climate, including a balanced humidity level. This helps prevent mold, fungi and many pests, as these mostly thrive in moist conditions.  Reducing building maintenance and repair costs, the PleasAir solution will not only be zero or near carbon neutral, it will also eventually pay for itself. Additionally, it provides hot domestic water for showering, kitchen and even in part for washing machines and dry air for clothes drying.

After the system is installed, conventional wall mounted air condition and water heaters are no longer needed, only optional.

Europe is a leading player in solar thermal systems. Bringing experience from solar thermal installations in Scandinavia and combined with advanced high tech components from Europe - we integrate it all into solutions where also locally sourced resources are utilised. Tailored to the special conditions of the HK climate, and the local requirements for a comfortable indoor environment, the PleasAir solution will be attractive for building owners across residential, commercial as well as government facilities.

Our system is still under development, expecting final testing complete by Q4 2022. Initial testing and proof of concept is taking place in a traditional Hong Kong village house.

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