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UVR 16x2 K

UVR 16x2 K


Freely programmable controller from Technische Alternative. 


The UVR16x2 device provides numerous control options for heating and building management through more than 40 different function modules that can be combined as required . Linking up to 128 functions leaves the programmer with virtually no limits. A 4.3“ touch display serves as user interface. A graphical overview of the important control parameters can be defined for convenient system operation. In combination with the interface C.M.I., system operation and monitoring as well as interactive visualisation is possible. With various accessory devices, control inputs and outputs can be expanded, energy be metered and data exchanged with a KNX, Modbus or M-Bus network. The UVR16x2 can be programmed either directly on the controller with the 4.3“ touch display or with the free software TAPPS2.


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