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COS18PAY V1_32

Works with Excel and Google Sheets

Fixed so it works on both Google Sheets and Excel. Might even work on Excel for Web, I didn't test it (via OneDrive, use company email to log in)

The sheet is free, but feel free to donate to my renewable energy project (link below)



Works in Excel and Google Sheets (maybe others too), and it's best on a desktop. See

This sheet is free to use, as is. If you appreciate my efforts, consider to donate to my renewable energy project.

Known limitations:

1) If you fly to an airport NOT in the list of time zones, the sheet will NOT calculate. On the Roster1 and Roster2 tabs, change the from to manually (ie change "EDF HKG" to "ANC HKG", something with the same time zone)

2) The sheet will calculate your entire real time roster for that month. If you have one or more flights at the beginning and the end of the month, which overlap into the adjacent months, then you will manually have to correct it on the tabs Roster1 and Roster2. Otherwise, the hours and possibly your predicted pay will OVERREAD!


Email your roster to yourself, and either open it in Excel, or save it for later upload to

Find the tabs Roster1 and Roster2. This is where you paste the real time roster in, which you have emailed to yourself. You can compare two roster version in the same sheet. If you want to compare more, you will have to save it as a new file.

In the boxes at the upper left corner of the COS18PAY tab sheet, enter the basic data. Light green indicates cells you can type in. The rest is calculated.

You can also see the tab called "Details" to see more information about OPT and PX hours, etc.

Feedback to CRWKCL please.

Screenshot 2021-02-11 at 13.53.24.png